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          *     air, animals, anthropology, antiques, archaeology, architecture, armed, art and artists, astronomy, auto and automobile and automotive
          *     baseball, basketball, beatles, bicycle and bike, fine binding bindings, biography, bird birds, Black African American Afro-American, boat boating, business
          *     camp camping camps, Canada, canoe, car, cats, child children, classic, cloth, collect collections collecting collections, college, cartoon comic comics, cook cookbook cooking cooks, bovine cattle cow cows dairy, crafts, crime, culture popculture popular culture
          *     dogs, drink
          *     education
          *     fantasy, fashion, fiction, film, fire, fish, flags, flowers, food service
          *     garden, geography, geology, glbt
          *     health, holiday, horses, how to, humor
          *     insects, judaica
          *     kid (children's)
          *     languages, leather
          *     metal, metals, music, myth
          *     native, nature, New England, listed alphabetically by state...
                          Connecticut,       Maine,       Massachusetts,       Rhode Island,       Vermont.
                          with New Hampshire and White Mountains listed at the bottom of the page.
          *     ocean, outdoor adventure
          *     pastime, photography, plants, poetry, polar, politics
          *     radio, reference, religion, rug
          *     sail, science, science fiction, scouting, scouts, boy scouts, sea, ship, signed, social, space, sports, summer camps
          *     technology, text, theater, theatre, trains, trees, tv, television
          *     united states, listed alphabetically by state... and followed by video
          *     war, world, world reference, listed alphabetically by region...
                          Africa = WK WLD AFR, Asia = WK WLD ASI, Australia = WK WLD AUS... see also Pacifica,
                          Central America = WK WLD CAM, Europe = WK WLD EUR, Middle East = WK WLD MID,
                          North America = WK WLD NAM, Pacific = WK WLD PAC, South America = WK WLD SAM.
                          Polar regions are listed under the letter P.

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