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    We offer great service to our customers from all over the world while communicating mostly via e-mail, faster communication is possible via phone and Skype.

1.   Try our Order Inquiry Form.

2.   You can always send messages via the e-mail address below.   Should my regular e-mail service have the hickups, please use: usedbqqks*at*yahoo*dot*com*.

3.   From the U.S. and Canada, call my toll-free phone number below and leave a message.

4.   Try our chat function on the bottom right side of this page.

5.   You may also try to reach me using Skype.   Search for Wally Keniston, and then send me a contact request that mentions why you are contacting me.

Regardless of what method you use to reach me, thank you for your communications.   Include your contact information and I will return your messages.

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Contact: Wally Keniston, Eyes of the Owl - Books
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