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Say Hi to us, or Speed-up Your Order

    We offer great service to our customers from all over the world while communicating mostly via e-mail, but faster communication is possible via chat, phone and Skype.

1.   Try the the CHAT function in the lower right corner.   Click HERE for directions.

2.   Try our Order Inquiry Form.

3.   You can always send messages via the e-mail address below.   Should my regular e-mail service have the hickups, please use: usedbqqks*at*yahoo*dot*com*.

4.   From the U.S. and Canada, call my toll-free phone number below and leave a message.

5.   You may also try to reach me using Skype.   Search for Wally Keniston, and then send me a contact request that mentions why you are contacting me.

Regardless of what method you use to reach me, thank you for your communications.   Include your contact information and I will return your messages.

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Contact: Wally Keniston, Eyes of the Owl - Books
        59B Glendon Street, Box 1876, Wolfeboro, N.H. 03894 U.S.A.
                Toll-free voicemail: (877) 569-4040
                        E-mail:   bqqks@excite.com