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Start using the CHAT function:

        * Click on the red bar in the lower right corner
        * * Chat will open and immediately log you in as a "Guest,"
        * * * You can change the fake "Guest" name, or log in via Twitter, or keep using the fake name.
        * * * * Once on chat, read what you want, then you can add an entry.

Type your own entry:

        * Click above the bottom red bar to reveal a black-edged field.
        * * Click again to enable typing in the field.   I would love for you to say "Hi" and let me know how you found the site.

        * My user name is Wally of BQQKS.com, and I will reply if I am online.
        * * Tambien, yo hablo mas que poco Espaņol si eso es interesante.

End using chat by clicking on the top red bar. You can resume chatting at any time.

If Under-Owl isn't awake, try using our other ways to communicate.

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